The World no. 2, Roger Federer, has said that he doesn’t like the nature of courts these days as they are much slower than they used to be a few years ago. Federer gave this statement after being defeated by Novak Djokovic in the final of the ATP World Tour Finals.

When asked about the nature of courts these days, Federer said, “The courts these days are too slow and I am a bit upset about it. The courts three or four years back used to be much faster. But, for some reasons, they have completely stopped making faster courts now. Everywhere I play, I find the court slower.”

“The quality of a tennis player gets tested when he plays on different kinds of surfaces. So, there must be a few quick surfaces and a few slow surfaces. There is no point making all the surfaces slower.”

“I think the slower courts cause injuries as well. You clearly see that the rallies last much longer now and that’s why, the players have to take much more stress on their body. The players get exhausted much more than they used to get in the past and that’s why, they are getting injured frequently.”

“And by building these types of courts, you are really making it easier for the defensive players and this is not good at all.”

Federer also said that he agreed to what Andy Murray had said about doping. A few days back Murray had said that the players are not tested enough now.

When asked about the comments of Murray on doping, Federer said, “What Andy has said is completely right. Really, the players these days aren’t tested too often. Six or seven years ago, we used to be tested more, but, not now which is a bit surprising.”