Former world number one Roger Federer has finally spoken out about the dream pairing between him and Martina Hingis for the Mixed Doubles at the 2012 London Olympic Games saying that the former world number one women’s tennis player snubbed him for the Olympic Games.

Speaking to the media that speculated wildly about a possible return for Hingis from retirement to pair up with the Swiss Maestro for the 2012 London Olympic Games, Federer said that the only person he ever thought about playing Mixed Doubles in the Olympic Games with was Martina Hingis and since that will not happen, he will not step into the Mixed Doubles fold at the Games.

Federer went on to elaborate how he and Hingis talked about her possible return from her second stint at retirement for the Olympic Games and he said that Hingis was not sure how she would do at the Games, not having trained for at least two years now and it would be unjust for her to let the whole country as well as Roger Federer down by not performing at her optimum best.

Federer has paired up with Hingis before, winning the Hopman Cup for Switzerland way back in 2001 before she retired from tennis for the first time. However, Federer also did talk about his childhood dream coming true with him getting the opportunity to play at the All England Club in the Olympic Games, where he has won six Wimbledon titles, a record.

This would, in all likelihood, be his last shot at securing the coveted Career Grand Slam with a Gold Medal in Singles competition in the Olympic Games and Roger Federer hopes that he will be able to give it his best shot and secure the coveted Medal that he would sport proudly for the rest of his life.