Novak Djokovic has totally dismissed the speculations

Novak Djokovic has totally dismissed the speculations that there is any sort of problem between him and one of his fiercest rivals Roger Federer.

According to Djokovic, it’s the press which is looking to create a drama.

Djokovic lost to Federer in a World Tour game the other day. The World no. 1 went down in straight sets and he was obviously quite disappointed with that performance of his.

His disappointment was quite clear in his words in the post match talk where he tried to suggest that his own mistakes cost him the match rather than Federer beating him.

The Serbian was quoted saying “I handed it to him; the credit should go to me”.

That statement of Djokovic did not sit well with Federer who’s believed to be a little bit annoyed with that.

But, Djokovic is of the view that he actually did not say anything like that.

Clarifying himself earlier in the afternoon today, Djokovic said, “I think it’s a case of misquoting me. As far as I can remember, I didn’t try to take the credit away from Roger at all. Of course, he played far better than me and that’s why, he won.”

“What I meant was that I was gutted with the way I performed and the level of my game should have been one notch up. At no point of time did I suggest anything other than that.”

“I have no idea where such things are coming from, but, it’s not needed at all. Trying to create adversity between two people, I don’t appreciate that. However, I want my focus to remain intact. So, I would not go too much into it. But, I have made it quite clear that in my views, Roger was a deserving winner that day.”