Roger Federer did not like the way he was approached by a person

Roger Federer did not like the way he was approached by a person when he was making his way out of the arena having beaten Alejandro Falla in the opening round of the ongoing French Open.

That person turned out to be only a fan, but, according to Federer, for anyone to be given permission to enter the arena while the player is still there, it’s a security breach and it’s not pleasing at all.

Federer gave an angry sort of reaction to that kid as well.

Tennis has had history of players being harmed by the fans on the court. Who would have forgotten the Monica Seles incident which took place more than two decades back?

Seles was very fortunate to survive that attack. Had she been a little unlucky, she would have been killed.

Since that time, the organizers of every tournament have been very conscious regarding the security thing and as a result of that, nothing unpleasant has happened to the players in the recent times.

What happened to Federer was not unpleasant either, but, it was obvious for the Swiss to be a little upset about it. He surely would not have been expecting an outsider to reach him there on the court at that point of time.

Federer was pretty vocal in the press conference that followed the match.

The 33-year old was quoted as saying, “Of course, I have every reason to be unhappy. It should be absolutely safe for the players. You can’t allow just anyone to enter the playing area.”

There have been reports that the kid, which reached Federer, actually did it to be able to click a selfie with the Swiss superstar and he got the permission as he was an acquaintance of the chief sponsor of the French Open.