Roger Federer sees Australia as Special Country

Roger Federer sees Australia as a very special country. Not only because he has won a lot of trophies there in the past, but, also because he found the love of his life there, way back in 2000 when the Olympics were taking place Down Under.

Federer later married that girl named Mirka who was a tennis player, but, post marriage, she gave up her profession to support the family.

The pair is happily married and has had a few kids too now.

Federer still fondly remembers that time when he had gone there to Sydney to represent his country Switzerland in the Olympics and Mirka was also a part of the national squad.

The two were not friends prior to that trip. It’s there only that they met for the first time and the more time they spent with each other, the closer they came.

Federer disclosed all this in a recent interview in which he was asked how much he loves Australia.

In the words of the Swiss legend, “Australia would always be special because it’s the place where I had had my first kiss with my better half. Those couple of weeks during the Olympics in 2000 were absolutely beautiful for me.”

“And, I love this place in general too. To come here early in the year with family, it feels great.”

When asked about his kids and if they take any interest in the game at all, Federer said, “Yes, just a little bit. Though, they don’t happen to have that much idea of what is going on, but, they want to know if their father is winning or not. That’s all that they are interested in.”

Federer has been given the second seed in the forthcoming Australian Open.