Roger Federer Shared Why He Does Play American Tournaments Often

During the summer period as well as in winters, Roger Federer is based in Switzerland to allow his family to enjoy skiing, and he remains in Dubai, especially in the off-season. The player rarely opts to play many American tournaments round the year, excluding the Masters 1000s.

In February he used to play in Rotterdam or Dubai, taken for example. Last month in a press conference, after the Match for Africa 5, when Federer was questioned why he has never come close to play near San José or near San Francisco, where the charity match took place. He admitted “I don’t know, really. I don’t know why it, whether it is intentional or it just happened.”

He said on this ‘In my career, I played a couple of tournaments in America, I remember. I believe my success on the Tour came on indoors, so I prefer to play indoors when I could next to Switzerland. I could always lose; go home, this could happen here also. But, personally I feel, it is a nice thing for a tennis player to sleep in your own bed, after finishing a match. And it is not just with the tennis players, but with almost everyone. Don’t you will more comfortable at your home and have a sound sleep in your own bed. The same is with me as well, he laughed. Talk about if I wanted to come in America, I always had to connect along the tour.

For some reasons, I couldn’t play in America on February. People asked me to play. As far as the people in America are concerned, they are super friendly and I thoroughly enjoy their company. But, I have distanced myself playing there, because of the above said reason, nothing else.