Roger Federer Snubs Critics

When Roger Federer had had a disaster of a 2013 Season, almost everybody thought he was finished, but, the special players always tend to prove people wrong and that’s what the Swiss Maestro has also done.

Federer did not give a damn about the statements coming from the critics at the end of the last year. He knew he had still it in him to challenge his rivals at the topmost level of the game. He remained calm, put in a bit of fitness work in off season and came into 2014 absolutely firing.

He has won more number of games than anybody else this year. In terms of trophies, he is levelled to Novak Djokovic with 5.

Yes, out of those 5, there hasn’t been any Grand Slam, but, the credit can’t be taken away from Federer only because of that.

And, the reason why Federer would consider this season as one of his best is that not only has he personally won trophies, he has helped his country reach the final round of the Davis Cup as well.

Federer has won almost everything in the game of tennis, but, Davis Cup is something which is still missing.

If the Switzerland native, who is currently in his 33rd year, manages to add the Davis Cup too to his Curriculum Vitae the next month, this 2014 would become unforgettable for him.

Federer’s world ranking right now is 2. It sounds unbelievable if you take your mind back to how he was playing last year. He was slipping down consistently and was about to get even out of top 10 at one point of time.

But, he has shown how tough his mental side is and also, how fit he is. Being mentally tough is one thing, but, if you don’t have good fitness, you cannot win regular at this age. The way Federer has moved on the court in his matches this season, it’s incredible.