Tennis Forehand Lesson – Hit Your Forehand Like Roger Federer

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  1. didanhtennis says:

    Excellent technique. Thanks

  2. Antonio Igna says:

    very good. you are the best coach in the world, of tennis of youtube!!!!!

  3. Alfred Salganick says:

    @tobo86 Couldn’t you just complain without calling the man names? And is
    your time really that valuable? Tennis used to be such a gentleman’s
    game… Oh well, I guess it takes all kinds.

  4. blackshirts848 says:

    by the way. your drop should be from the wrist. Not the shoulder

  5. ² GotRice? © |Baked| says:

    federer’s forehand is wristy if you watch i closely and see how much wrist
    work he uses but with so little effort

  6. aquariushmb says:

    Excellant video, Tom; helped me a lot. I even showed some other players
    this way and they cannot stop thanking me ! Keep up the good work !

  7. tennisstar62 says:

    If you want to get pase on the ball you needwrist

  8. tobo86 says:

    But yes, you’re right, watching slo-mos of the actual shot and working it
    out on one’s own is a better approach

  9. tobo86 says:

    It’s as much Federer’s as anyone else’s forehand. No mention of Federer in
    the video at all. You’re an idiot for writing such a misleading title and
    wasting my time.

  10. Jordan McDonald says:

    Tom. I like most all of your tennis videos but not this one. I know what
    your trying to say with the swing an contact point, but you are going to
    confuse alot of people who are really trying to learn the mechanics. If
    people learn to keep you arm and wrist straight the whole way through with
    no wrist movement they will never get a heavy topspin shot everyone wants.
    People need to hit open stance and learn the proper acceleration point for
    the heavy forehand ball.

  11. Tennis Lessons Online with Tom Avery says:

    You do not need a straight arm taking back the racquet. The answer to the
    second question is NO. All the best, Tom

  12. blackshirts848 says:

    As little wrist and forearm as possible? at 2:15? tennis this day and age
    is ALL wrist. and your “vertical movement” isnt even vertical no one can
    hit a shot “vertically”

  13. Thescool123 says:

    Flaw: roger uses an eastern grip not semi but still like the vid 🙂

  14. ² GotRice? © |Baked| says:

    sorry its because i didnt see it mentioned in the video, but i know you
    must let your wrist relax in order to decrease the chance of resulting in
    an injury and also get a smooth roll-over that is fast and efficient.

  15. tobo86 says:

    you know, you’re actually right. I overreacted – the name calling is
    unnecessary. Still, I stand by my point. For all those fans who are looking
    for actual instruction on the Federer’s forehand, having his name in the
    title is misleading. It should be taken out.

  16. Tennis Lessons Online with Tom Avery says:

    Hi Jordan, I agree the wrist should be relaxed and roll over. However, what
    I’m saying is that like Federer the wrist does not roll over until he is
    past the contact point. Please see my later video on How To Hit Your
    Forehand More Consistently. Best, Tom

  17. Nintendó P says:

    Sorry but Federer is Federer, i cant use his techique because i am not
    skilled like him…

  18. Jogromm says:

    Hi Tom, what would be the best grip for the forehand? The eastern or the
    semi-western grip. Right now I’m using the eastern forehand grip.

  19. cole houser says:

    This is not how Federer hits a forehand. Federer uses an extreme eastern
    grip, not a semi-western. Also he does not drop the racket that much before
    contact. Federer hits a very flat shot with a lot of wrist action.

  20. tobo86 says:

    Federer’s forehand is something of an enigma in the tennis world. To claim
    that you can teach it in an instructional video means you should hav an
    understanding of how the shot works. This guy doesn’t. What he teaches is
    more like the stiff forehand of many other players. I object to this guy
    using Federer’s name to get viewer hits. It’s frustrating for people who
    actually wanna learn.

  21. syed bokhari says:

    Yes I saw that video “How To Hit Tennis Forehand With Power And
    Consistency” and it is clearly the shot and approach which Federer
    undertakes. Great Video!

  22. OldHickory7 says:

    Looks exactly like Federer. Thanks for the confirmation that I am always to
    hit with a shoulder powered straight arm.

  23. Tennis Lessons Online with Tom Avery says:

    The point I’m trying to make is that Federer let’s his wrist relax and roll
    over AFTER CONTACT, please see the video on my Channel How to Hit Your
    Forehand More Consistently. I explain it much clearer in that video. All
    the best, Tom

  24. pr4nk5tr says:

    @tobo86 It’s definitely one of the best “Federer forehand” videos watched,
    and I have seen FYB stuff etc. Unlike e.g. in Bolletieri’s videos, Federer
    doesn’t keep that “athletic stance” where you stick the butt out, keep the
    back straight and coil up the upper body. Federer purely focuses on the
    hand and the ball. Best bet is to watch Federer’s practice sessions where
    he hits reals soft at the start, because his “swing thought” becomes more

  25. Siqi Lihu says:

    Hi Tom, I have a question, should the arm be straight while take back the
    racquet? and I heard someone told me that as a prep position with racquet
    taking back, the other face (oppose to the contact face) should be facing
    your opponent, is that correct?