Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Racquet Review

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  1. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @ Hanson Liu,
    Certainly! Click the link in the description above to go to the product
    page on our website.
    Andy, TW

  2. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Omar Nawaz,
    It won’t be a huge departure from what you’re used to. It’ll be more
    forgiving and more powerful with its heft and larger head size. Give it a
    try once it’s available for demo!
    Andy, TW

  3. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Renier Debuyan,
    This racquet will be much heavier and less forgiving than your current
    frame, so it may not be the best option for you. I’d recommend looking
    into a more user-friendly frame like a Babolat AeroPro Drive or the lighter
    version of this frame.
    Andy, TW

  4. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Joshua S Lee,
    The Speed Pro will offer the best blend of control and spin out of the
    racquets you mentioned.
    Andy, TW

  5. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Karim Essam,
    See my answer to the same question below.
    Andy, TW

  6. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Oliver Paton,
    I prefer the APD.
    Andy, TW

  7. ossamah durrani says:

    guys what will you suggest if some one want to switch from babolat APD ,
    then to pure drive roddick to this rf97 racket ? how this Rf97 compares ,
    in groundstroke , serve , volley department comparing above rackets, ? is
    this rf97 have more consistent sweet spot then above rackets ?

  8. Tennis Warehouse says:

    @Karim Essam,
    Not at this time. There will be a ProStaff 97 LS and a Pro Staff 95S.
    Andy, TW

  9. slimjim77M says:

    Wow…my impression from the testers(all male too) is that this racquet is
    a bit too beastly. I have modded my PDR+ with enough lead to make my
    swingweight higher than the RF 97 Auto, so I doubt it will be a problem for
    me. Think I may get the racquet just to have…since I’m a big Fed fan.
    Thanks, TW.

  10. Harry LEVI says:

    Strings for control oriented player? but also implements some power ?
    Dimitrov style player? any suggestions?

  11. Gerop says:

    Is this racket good for overheads? Also, how maneuverable is it at the net?
    I’m a big net rusher so I’m worried about the weight.

  12. DCNationVideos1 says:

    +Tennis Warehouse Right now, I’m using a Wilson Pro Open Blx 100 , I wanted
    to know if you guys have an suggestions on raquets that are similar to it,
    because Wilson will not be making them anymore sadly.

  13. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Hello, I have been playing with the Wilson K Tour 95 with a Solinco
    Duralast at 57 for about 2 and a half years. I am looking for stability and
    control in a racquet would this be a nice transition from my previous
    stick? The k tour 95 is 10.2 oz and has a 16×20 string pattern. I am
    playing usta tournaments and I am out to move into the 18s league. 

  14. Paul Park says:

    Hey Andy,
    I’m currently using the head graphene speed pro and i’m thinking about
    making the switch. I demo’d this racquet for an hour, but didn’t think that
    was enough time to see if it would be a good switch. I do tend to hit from
    the baseline more and i do get up to volley. I feel like the speed pro
    doesn’t have consistent touch, while the RF97 definitely does. What do you

  15. sai kambampati says:

    hey guys,

    How does this raquet compare with the original wilson k factor 95( del
    potro’s raquet), a lot of people say they are the same weight 12.6, and is
    it hard for easier to swing with the RF 97? Is it easy to generate pace,
    and spin?

  16. Mazin Mattar says:

    How do you compare it to the prure strike and which one got the most
    percision and control?

  17. Terry Curve says:

    I am 13 years old and I am an advanced player but I am 5 foot 3. Should I
    use this racket or the 97 lighter version?

  18. Dan y says:

    What strings is best for this racquet? What are the testers using in this
    play test? What’s troys hybrid and tension?

  19. Nasim Soleymani Majd says:

    Thanks for your perfect videos.
    What would you recommend as strong and tension for this racket to get more
    power, I’ve found it really hefty and dead response from string bed when I
    played with co poly string.
    Thanks guys

  20. Chenyu Huang says:

    Hi Andy, I’m buying this racket. As far as string goes, I’m going with the
    alu power, what tension would you recommend for it?

  21. Jeremy Morse says:

    Can’t wait for the PS 97 315g version review! When do you guys get your
    first shipment of these in to start hitting them there in TW headquarters?

  22. Will Chu says:

    Can you please tell me which one is easier to swing: this RF97 or Yonex
    Tour G 330? Which would would fatigue the player quicker?

  23. Sungyong Ahn says:

    Hi Andy,
    What you and your TW play testers showing us a great reviews are always a
    great help finding racquets and I am always thank you for your great works.

    Currently I am using Wilson K90 and BLX90(US version) and I really like
    these racquets but I want to find same specs with little bit of more room
    for head and forgiveness.

    Do you think Wilson RF97 Autograph is the one that I should purchase? or is
    there better options for Wilson lines?

    Thank you so much,

  24. William Walsh says:

    I love hitting with this stick its just too heavy. Anything i can do to
    reduce the heavy heavy heavy feeling. I dont like the PS97 either, and i
    wanna stick with the RF97 just its real heavy.

  25. Adriene Velasco says:

    Did Troy switch to a one hander?